Bella's yoga studio is failing. She's about to lose it all. On the suggestion of her partner, who happens to be a Drag Queen, Bella decides to turn her back room into a sex yoga. The only problem is she needs better-looking girls who will do "tricks" without getting caught by the police or the nosy neighbors from the store next to the yoga studio. 
Meet The Cast
  1. Executive Director
    Connie Romano
    "Bella Pierce"
  2. Executive Director
    Adam V. Jankas
    "Tiffany Wiles"
  3. Executive Director
    Alice Weber
    "Edna Krotch"
  4. Executive Director
    Holly Jian
    "Ti Shu"
  5. Executive Director
    Richie Noodles
    "Adam Krotch"
  6. Executive Director
    Vincent Chan
    "Fen Shu"
Christopher Mann
Christopher Mann plays the role of Officer Cann, a possible love interest for Bella. Christopher is a well-known actor for his roles in the 2016 feature "Loving" and has appeared in television shows such as The Wire, Bluebloods, Law & Order: SVU. We are thrilled to have Christopher as a featured supporting role.